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If you’re wondering why you just can’t seem to get ahead, you’re continually at arms length from your deepest purpose work, you can FEEL it, you smell it all over you for God’s sakes, it’s right.fucking.there, and yet you just can’t seem to get HOLD of it –

I’ve got something to tell you.

The reason you can’t connect fully into your purpose work, such that you have COMPLETE soul certainty day in and day out on the whole ‘exactly what TF am I meant to be doing that I can’t quite fully see yet’ thang, is simple –

You’re filling the gap where purpose should be with shadow purpose.

You’ve got a big old container right there for you where the deepest part of your soul wants to go play, and swim, and dance, and float around in all the live-long day, but instead of living in such a way that that can’t NOT happen,

You’ve done gon’ and filled the whole thing up with anything you could get ahold of, anything that seemed good enough, anything that got you NEARLY there.

Let’s not beat around the bush here –

Close enough is still a million miles away.

A life of ‘almost’ purpose cannot sustain your soul needs even 1% of what ACTUAL dropped in-ed-ness would do,

And you did not come here to eventually rest your head for the very last time while looking back and saying, “well –

I guess that will have to do. I got close! Sorta … “

Meanwhile knowing, somewhere in that deepest part of you where you’re often not brave enough to look, that the whole entire time it was, YEP –


If only you INSISTED on letting it out.

Listen –

I know it’s on trend, popular, OH so fashionable with all the cool peeps to espouse spiritualish platitudes about not ‘having’ to seek purpose,

people talk about it being a bit of a myth, even a trap. Something to make you feel bad! “You’re good enough without knowing your purpose, girlfrennnnn! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to find your purpose, or know what it is, in order to be successful, make money, be happy, be YOU!”


that’s a nice little properly packaged PC thought, isn’t it?

Put it in the same basket as let’s all pretend full-term abortion is an acceptable law to be passed.

Check the boxes,

for the never rock the boat peoples.

Never mind about soul! About God! About deepest truth which, no matter HOW blinded or brainwashed a person has become, they definitely still feel SOMEWHERE within.


the ever increasing need for people to numb out,


and also CONTINUE to say yes to those around them who sing a similar hypnotic song of ‘it’s all gonna be okay’.

It helps … it ALMOST even convinces. But –


Not if you don’t draw a damn line in the sand, but NOW, around what you actually know to be true.

Are we getting off track?

I think not

It’s all connected.

And it all comes back to this one simple truth:

At your core, you know what is right, you know what is wrong, you know what is fuck yes, and you KNOW WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO.

And you know that complete soul certainty around and connectedness to your PURPOSE, your deepest truth, is your MOTHERFUCKING BIRTHRIGHT.

Don’t let the hippy dippy Kumbaya love and light folks convince you of yet ANOTHER thing to just go with the flow about,

not care about,

be ‘okay’ without.

ESPECIALLY not when, well –


And this has NOTHING to do with success,





Even though yes. Of course. Those things will follow, they can’t not.

But no,

it’s not about THAT.

It’s about that you were given your life in order that you give it BACK, for a very specific thing. What that thing is, how it’s expressed, what it does to and for you and what it unleashes FROM you, is between you and God.

Do you have to ‘give it back’ because you OWE it? No. That’s not what I mean. YOU COULDN’T EARN YOUR LIFE IF YOU SPENT ALL OF IT TRYING!

You HAVE your life. God GAVE you your life. It’s yours to do what you want with! You owe nothing to anybody. YOU.ARE.FREE. You were born with infinite choice!

But –

just try to keep on tryin’ on without saying yes to that deep deep yearning within you.

The reason to go ALL in on giving your life for what it was given to you for is simple –


It is the ULTIMATE joy, and gift, and fulfilment, and peace.

Purpose planted firmly in God.

In soul.

In truth.


There is no greater reward than giving your life for what it was given to you for.


by all means.

Listen to the people who seduce you with ideas of happiness another way.

Shallow fulfilment.

A shadow life.



You won’t.


Here’s the thing –

Purpose is always there for you.

Just like God, it never went anywhere.

You don’t have to ‘call it in’, or get it to show up.

It’s been playin’ alongside you the whole entire time.

Just open your eyes.

And let it in.

Oh, and quit filling up the space where it wants to become one with you with random shit that you know ain’t the thing.

Just look where it’s taking you.

Just be honest about what you’re saying no to as a result.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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