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Live Your Passion


When things were not working for me, despite that I worked my butt off, was disciplined AF, showed up and then some, the reality of the situation was this:

I was in a relationship with my business that felt frustrated. Forced. Out of alignment and off path.

I felt like I didn’t have enough time or space. Everything was a rush. I was operating outside of the relationship and trying to ‘make it work’, and that was the simple reality of it.

I spent hours and hours – gosh, months probably, if you added it all up! – trying to figure out what I could do better to attract more clients … get more leads … increase sales … fine-tune systems and automation … get properly ‘on top’, and stay there!

But none of that really had anything to do with anything about what was really going on, and none of it was REMOTELY purposeful when the actual problem at hand was that I was operating outside of something I needed to be IN!

And I asked myself –

“What is the relationship I need to be in with my business?”

The answers were simple, as they always are.

I need to feel I have time and space for my business.

For my message.

And for my dance in to, well –

wherever it is I need to go into each day.

Which made me laugh, as this kind of thing always does, because the answer to having more time and space?

Have more time and space.

Realise you already HAVE as much time and space as you like, YOU are just playing with rules that never existed and yet which you for some reason agreed to.

I remember writing in my journal the following truth-smackdown of a statement:

I need to be in a relationship with my business of being in a relationship with my business.

Ah, the simplicity of truth! I was saying to my private clients this morning, on our live call, I love the simple truth of statements such as – “if you’re always hurrying, it’s because you’re always hurrying”.

If you’re always busy, guess what? It’s because you’re always busy.

If you never have time, it’s because you never have time.

If you didn’t do it yet, newsflash – ! It’s because you didn’t do it yet.

If you’re not in the relationship you long to be in with your business, it’s BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT IN THE RELATIONSHIP YOU LONG TO BE IN WITH YOUR BUSINESS.

And what if it WERE that simple, yes? (Which of course we both know it is … unless we choose that it isn’t!)

What if you knew:

Time and space will show up for you when you start to show up for them.

Just like inspiration shows up for you when you show up for it!

And that showing up? Doing the WERK? Ain’t showing up for shit if it’s coming from a place of operating from OUTSIDE of the relationship you long to actually be IN.

Just imagine how that would work if you did it with a human person! Always separated, outside of, disconnected, not taking time or space for, not present with, not dropped in with, and yet spending all this time and effort trying to figure out why it’s not working! Of course it’s not working moron. You’re not IN it.

And then imagine.

Just imagine – !

What might happen with your business the rest of this year –

month –

or even day,

if you stopped trying to do ANY mofo thang.

Stopped trying to figure ANY of it out.

And you just –





Got IN that thing.

And paid attention to how it actually looks and feels and what it naturally asks of you but also GIVES you,

when you finally remember to be on the inside looking out again,

and maybe not even remembering to do that.

Because once you’re in?

Where else would you even actually need or want to be?

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


I’ve created a place. A revolution of sorts. A HUB OF BADASSERY.

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Come see what I made you,


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